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Bulletin and Junior Poster billboard advertising in Northern Indiana.

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F.A.Q.: Frequently Asked Questions

Eagle Outdoor AdvertisingEagle Outdoor AdvertisingEagle Outdoor Advertising
Eagle Outdoor Advertising

Does billboard advertising work?

If designed correctly, billboards are as effective as any other form of advertisement. The cost of Outdoor Advertising is extremely hard to beat. Our Junior Posters promote you for about $6 for an all-day spot.

What size are billboards?

Standard sizes of billboards nationally are 14”x 48” 10’6” x 36’ 10’x24’ and 5’x11’ Bulletins come in other various non-standard sizes. Our Junior Posters have a live copy area of 5 tall’x11’ wide.

Can I only put a few words on my billboard ad?

Opinions vary but we believe that billboards that are on local streets will be viewed by the same prospects each day as we all are creatures of habit with our driving routes. This gives those who are interested in your message multiple times to pick up secondary copy. The secondary copy should never compete with the main message of “What it is”, “Where it is”, and “How to I contact them?” Correct designing will ensure a successful display of your message. On highways, where the targeted audience are those traveling through, we recommend sticking to a few words for a message with punch.

What types of artwork do you accept?

We use Adobe Photoshop. We accept PSD, AI, PDF, CDR, and INDD. We also have been known to take artwork on a napkin. Send what you have and we will make it work. If possible, send artwork 1”=1’ with bitmaps at 300 dpi. If you don’t have artwork, we can create specs for you.

Are you a franchise?

We have worked hard to be professional, but no, we are not a franchise. We are a family owned company started in 1984. Eagle Outdoor does have a great friend in Montgomery Alabama. Eagle Sign Studio (334) 832-4000 or www.eaglesigns.com

Do you own the land the billboards are on?

Eagle Outdoor owns numerous properties but we lease most of the places our billboards are located. Off-Premise advertising many times require both local and state permits in commercial zones. Some billboards are “grandfathered” in other zones. If you have commercial or industrial land and would like to maximize the value of it, please contact us about the placement of an Eagle display.